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New Insurance Agents 101 – Benefits of Independent Insurance Agents

By October 7, 2022November 21st, 2023No Comments

Last month we talked about captive insurance companies and their benefits to new insurance agents. Exclusive agencies can be helpful to agents just starting their career as it provides a good foundation for someone who is learning the insurance business.  

The benefits of being independent agent, especially for those who have been in the industry for a length of time are outstanding.  As an IA, you are independently operating with many carriers.  Your agency does not just operate under one brand and offer only 1 insurance company rate.  This allows the clients to have several choices; they can choose the best insurance company that fits their needs and budget.  

The benefit of several insurance carrier options is one of the key perks of being an IA.  Obviously, it is great to have more than 1 choice when it comes to selling insurance.  It is great for the client because their independent agent can offer multiple options to package their policies.  The agent will have multiple different companies for life, health, car, home, boat, RV, renters, and so on. The company options come with several different coverage features, different rates and the IA can present many options to  customize the experience for the client.  

Connect independent agents are trusted advisors.  They can advise based on the client information which option would suit the client.  The independent agent can explain each insurance company’s financial strength and their claims experience.  The client can then choose their policies based on the IA’s intel and recommendations. 

At Connect Insurance Network, our independent agents connect you with a great rate and a great carrier.  They represent many companies that write coverage based on each client’s personalized needs.  If you are a licensed individual, and want more information about the benefits of owning your own independent agency in Texas or one of the many states we operate in, give us a call.  682-518-6594.  We are here to help you discover all the benefits of being an independent insurance agent!