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Getting Appointments as an Independent Insurance Startup Agency

By April 26, 2022November 21st, 2023No Comments

Have you recently started your own independent insurance agency, and are trying to obtain appointments with new carriers? In order to start selling insurance, it is necessary to get an insurance carrier appointment.  This can be a challenging task. If you are trying to set up appointments with carriers as a startup insurance agency near the Dallas or Fort Worth Texas area, contact the specialists at Connect Insurance. We can work with you to help you get personal, commercial and life carrier appointments and amplify your independent insurance business.   

Essential Information: Getting Appointments with Carriers

Once you start your own insurance agency, you will be unable to sell insurance and have a successful business unless you have access to several insurance products.  Getting an insurance carrier appointment essentially means that a company is authorizing you to sell their insurance products to the consumer. You are a representative of the company that may appoint you.  Insurance companies will want to ensure that you are able to sell their products consistently, and be profitable.  Matching the right client with the right company is key.  In order to get an appointment with an insurance carrier, they will want to see that you have experience, proven success with selling insurance as well as a strong business plan.

What Is An Insurance Cluster and How Can It Help?

It is important to note that getting an appointment with an insurance carrier could take a great deal of effort, especially if you are new to the industry or do not have an existing agency.  Since most companies require that you have proven selling experience and a current book of business, it is not easy to gain appointments as an independent startup business. Unless you already have a varied list of carriers, it is difficult to be competitive and to thrive as an independent agent. When beginning your own agency, you will need help obtaining appointments, or you will have to access them through a third party. Therefore, it can be very beneficial to join an insurance cluster, or network in order to help you get access to insurance carriers you need to be successful.  They can help you with the details of starting or merging your business so that you can have the time to focus on making sales. Insurance networks like Connect Insurance help new agents build selling opportunities, advance their business, and get appointments with insurance carriers.

Enhance Your Independent Insurance Agency by Getting Carrier Appointments

If you have recently started up your own independent insurance agency, and are looking to expand your business and increase your sales by obtaining appointments with insurance carriers, Connect Insurance can help. We are an insurance network located in Mansfield, Texas that helps new insurance businesses get off to the right start successfully. We assist agents in many states across the country.  Wherever you practice insurance, contact our office today for a free consultation.