What Everyone Missed about Google Compare’s Launch

“Google Compare Has Arrived,” read one of yesterday’s headlines. We’re happy to see that this headline, and so far, all the headlines covering yesterday’s official launch aren’t greatly exaggerated warnings of doom for the brick and mortar agency owners. Yet two of the largest insurance reporting organizations both take a portion of their article to […]

Combat the Biggest Threat to Your Agency by Making One Change Right Now

The title of this post is fairly alarming and yet it pales in comparison to many of titles covering some of the most important news in our industry and our daily lives in general. Here at Connect Insurance, we’ve recently been following and attempting to decipher the news about Google’s insurance comparison tool. We’ve run […]

The Insurance Agent’s Guide to the Threat of E-Commerce

Here at Connect Insurance, we follow many Industry Journals, Blogs and Influencers in order to stay informed; and over the last few months one thing has become very apparent: Google is the talk of the town in 2015. From insurance specific journals to papers like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, everyone […]

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

What is the Entrepreneurial Mindset? As with many things in life, business is full of the unpredictable. You can train, practice and educate yourself on all the intricate details and best practices. Those are all great ways to prepare but if you don’t have the right mindset, it could all be for naught. An Entrepreneurial […]

The Perks of Starting Your Own Business

Pride of Ownership Why do owners tend to treat their homes better than renters? There’s just something about ownership that motivates individuals to take good care of things and work hard to improve them. Namely, it’s how the little things add up. When you own something, any effort you put into improving it has a […]