2017 Is Here! Get to Work on These 3 Things – Part 2

Welcome to 2017. If your agency did well in 2016, congratulations! If your results were less than stellar or if you feel like you should’ve accomplished more, it’s time to get to work. This is part two of three articles that discusses why agency processes are so important and why they should be automated. Reduce […]

3 Things to Do Before the End of the Year

Part One of Three The end of the year typically motivates some to get busy, and others to coast. We’re all so busy with our holiday checklist and wishing we could hire a “gifter” who would deal with the crazy-busy malls that sometimes we forget about the financial aspect of a new year coming. Your […]

Market Segmentation For Insurance Agencies

Market Segmentation for Insurance Agencies Every segment of your market wants to feel like their needs are special and therefore are highly likely to respond to marketing communications directed at the segment they represent. Sending out a shotgun blast of marketing messages is likely to offend as many people as it motivates. This can happen […]