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<b>What Makes Truck Insurance Necessary?</b>

What Makes Truck Insurance Necessary?

Operating a commercial vehicle, or owning a fleet of commercial vehicles comes with a wide range of potential liability. It is essential that you have the correct insurance coverage to ensure that you are protected in the event of an accident or disaster. Accidental damage to yourself, others, or your truck can be serious. A CTP (compulsory third-party insurance) insurance policy isn't always enough to cover your insurance needs, and most truck owners prefer having extra coverage.

Trucking insurance is essential even when you own or operate a commercial vehicle. Comprehensive commercial truck insurance coverage might differ between a total disaster and an inconvenience.

<b>Physical Damage Protection</b>

Physical Damage Protection

Although truck insurance cannot protect your truck against physical damage, it can shield you from footing the bill if an accident does occur. Semi-truck insurance covers rolls, collisions, and more. Commercial trucks take up lots of space, making them hard to maneuver. Additionally, not all drivers are excellent at driving close to commercial trucks. During your days or years of driving or owning a truck, you will experience various physical damages. Therefore, it is better to be ready before it comes. Remember, damage to your truck isn't cheap to resolve.

<b>Texas Law Requires You to Obtain Coverage</b>

Texas Law Requires You to Obtain Coverage

Perhaps, the most obvious reason for getting commercial truck insurance is that the law requires you. Your trucking insurance policy should provide the minimum protections, as per the US Code of Federal Regulations. To avoid potential difficulties with the authorities and the law, ensure you follow all the federal regulations regarding insurance. It is best to consult with an experienced agent from Connect Insurance to determine what coverage you are required to hold.

<b>Build Customers' Confidence</b>

Build Customers' Confidence

Are you involved in hauling cargo for other companies like food producers or retailers? Your clients will want to know their goods are in safe hands. Trucking insurance companies extend policies to protect the goods you are hauling. Depending on the nature of goods a trucker hauls, the insurance companies also offer customized insurance for truckers. This is good news for any trucker.

If you have insured your commercial trucking service, current and future clients will become more comfortable conducting business with you. The goods hauled by your truck represent an income for your clients, meaning that they want to know their property is adequately protected. Ensure potential clients know you have insured anything you haul. You might miss out on profits or business if you do not.

<b>Injury To Your Drivers And Other Road Users</b>

Injury To Your Drivers And Other Road Users

Truck accidents can result in third-party injuries to other road users or even your drivers. The resulting medical costs and litigation settlements could be ongoing and high depending on the injury. Although your CTP insurance might be enough to cover the damages to your truck, it might not be enough for your driver's medical bills. At Connect Insurance, our independent agents can help secure the necessary coverage for truck drivers, owner-operators, and commercial fleets.

<b>Trucking Insurance FAQs</b>

Trucking Insurance FAQs

What are trucker insurance premiums based on?

The trucking insurance premiums are based on several factors, including;

  • Your driving record

  • The value of your truck

  • Your fleet safety

  • The value and type of the load being hauled

  • Commercial general liability

  • Multiple policies

  • Driving location and distance

What does "unidentified trailer coverage" mean?

This means any trailer attached to your tractor that isn't the owner or leased in the long term by you.

How does commercial Truck Insurance work?

It works in a way similar to other policies. truck insurance covers damages to third-party properties, cargo, or personal property based on the policy. Professional commercial truck insurance companies can specialize in individual or organizational policies. For instance, truck insurance can include worker's compensation or advertising claims.

To ensure the protection of your commercial trucking business, work with us to identify and secure the truck insurance policy that meets your needs today. You don't have to handle this process alone. Instead, work with an independent insurance agency. Visit our website today for a truck insurance quote.