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    Unique Selling Proposition

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    Connect Insurance has contracted with competitive carriers; many of which no longer offer appointments to individually owned insurance agencies. This allows you to access many carriers your competition simply will not be able to propose to your clients and prospects.


    Corporately, Connect Insurance currently operates over 118 agencies in our network and has negotiated great opportunities for cooperative and direct advertising and marketing as well as top level commissions with our carriers. The savings is passed onto you as one of our independent agency owners.


    Due to our size and leverage, Connect has negotiated, on behalf of our insurance agents some of the highest commission levels available in the industry today. We know how hard our agents work for their clients and we feel that they should be well compensated for their efforts.


    When you have built your book of business and are ready to sell your asset, you can be assured of receiving a premium sales price for your asset. Along with the premium volume, Name Recognition has a significant effect on the multiple one can ask for their book of business. Connect's strong brand name in the marketplace means more money in your pocket.


    Our industry is constantly changing. Insurance companies are much more likely to cancel contracts and limit production to smaller offices in hard markets. As a Connect agent you will enjoy the vast network of professionals working to ensure quality business and long term relationships with our company network.


    Being a Connect Insurance operator allows you the freedom to build your own book of business and asset while not having to “go it alone” the vast wealth of experience and knowledge compiled within our organization allows you as an operator to draw on decades of sales, marketing and management experience to enhance your success in the marketplace.

    We believe we have built a company that truly supports the success of individuals who desire to build something for themselves while having the ability to access markets, resources and contracts that were not possible just a few years ago.

    We look forward to you becoming the next member of our insurance family!