Insurance Marketing: What Makes the Best Successful -Part 2

Insurance Marketing: What Makes the Best Successful -Part 2

Highly successful insurance agencies routinely have similar processes running in the background of agency operations. This means that there are processes successful agencies have in common and they are set up by using a management system so that they are done right every day and every time.

You should consider marketing processes as one of the most important aspects of any successful insurance agency. It is successful insurance marketing efforts that bring prospective clients to your door every day without fail. How they got there is as important as what it cost for you to attract them. Putting successful insurance marketing processes in place will ensure that your team has prospective clients to speak with.

Create Consistent Insurance Marketing Processes to Bring in New Business

It will be expensive and time-consuming to attempt untested and unverified marketing programs. Hit and miss marketing efforts usually result in a failing agency and Connect Insurance certainly does not want your agency to become a member of that group. Our insurance professionals have experience with all the available methods of getting prospects to your door and we are available to help your team save time and money with your marketing efforts.

Having Many Arrows in Your Marketing Quiver

Insurance marketing plays a major role in an agency’s success when properly adopted. Over time we have found that by using several marketing methods, a new agency can soon fill their sales funnel. Before adopting a marketing method, bear in mind that one method may work for a short time, but typically ends up with a lack of prospective clients, and results in a lack of sales conversions. Using multiple marketing methods gives your agency the best possible chance of keeping prospects at your door. And these clients can ultimately become long-term clients.

  • Email Marketing – Often considered one of the least expensive insurance marketing methods, email marketing can regularly announce your message by using a drip campaign. It is not expensive to acquire auto and home X-Date lists. You can then plug them into a drip campaign in your agency management system.
  • Web Site Marketing – Although more expensive, website marketing can become the most cost effective way to attract new long term prospects. Connect Insurance provides valuable advice for agency partners when setting up a website. They also have the best methods for getting your site to rank high in the available search engines.
  • Internet Lead Providers – Many internet lead providers are competing for your business. The professionals at Connect Insurance will be available to help you select a provider to deliver quality leads at affordable rates. We rate these providers as they come and go in the marketplace so that you can apply your resources wisely instead of wasting them.
  • Local Advertising – Local advertising can be effective if you place your ads in a way that is attractive to prospective clients. We have developed a short list of local advertising sources so that your advertising choices will deliver the best return on investment.
  • Advertising Initiatives – Agencies that partner with Connect Insurance are not left to their own devices to win or lose in the advertising arena. Our insurance professionals will help your agency leverage high brand visibility and large marketing and advertising initiatives to benefit your agency’s growth and profits.
  • Mouth-to-Mouth Reward Programs – Once your book of business begins to grow, your partners at Connect Insurance will provide tried and true methods of having your current clients bring in prospective clients. We’ll show you how to turn customers into raving fans that are happy to share your outstanding products with friends, family, and co-workers.

The best news we can provide about your insurance marketing efforts is that with a quality agency management system you can put most of these methods on auto-pilot so you and your team can spend the majority of your time converting prospects into long-term and loyal clients.

Your partnership with Connect Insurance may well be the most important business decision in your lifetime.