Home Insurance

Your home is a very important investment, and our job is to help you protect it. With home insurance you can protect your home and your possessions inside of it. You’ve worked hard for what you have and it’s very crucial to have the proper protection to safeguard it. There are several options of what home insurance can cover on your property. Connect Insurance can help you make sure that everything will be taken care of and insured properly. Contact Connect Insurance today to see how to protect one of your biggest investments.  Connect Insurance is a leading provider of insurance services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, as well as 8 other states. Contact Connect Insurance today at (682)518-6594.

What is Home Insurance?

Home insurance is a policy that will cover your property and contents. Most policies will cover you against fire, windstorms, hail and lightening. Many times liability is included. This coverage is almost always required if you have a mortgage. It does not cover every type of loss. It is important to talk to your agent about what your policy does not cover: typically events like flood and earthquake, and general maintenance to your home.

What does Home Insurance Cover?

Structure of home

The exterior, interior walls, floors, out-buildings and fences typically are covered by most home policies.

Personal Belongings

Clothing, furniture, appliances, etc. The items or contents that are in the interior of your home. If you have art, valuables, jewelry or other expensive items, these can be specifically covered or scheduled.


Liability protects you if someone is injured on your property.

Why Do I need Homeowners Insurance?

As previously mentioned, if you have a mortgage home insurance is required by your lender. This protects their collateral, and your collateral as well. It protects you from a catastrophe that may destroy your home and prevent you from living at your home. It also provides you funds while you and your family are displaced because of a loss. The liability portion protects you from potential suits brought against you if someone is injured at your home, or property.

Flood Insurance

Flood is not typically covered by the homeowners insurance policy. Flood insurance is a separate policy that must be secured.

Earth Quake Insurance

Earthquake is also not typically included in the home policy but will be a separate policy, or specifically added if the carrier has this option.

Renters Insurance

Renters is like homeowners insurance policy, but it is for a person who rents their home. Its primary coverage is for the renter’s personal belongings. Additional coverages may be added to a renters policy or written in conjunction.

Work with a Qualified Insurance Agency!

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