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We Can Help Get You to Your Destination with Piece of Mind

Connect Insurance understands that people see advertisements for auto insurance on TV, radio, and on all social media platforms.  There are a vast array of insurance companies with policies to cover people in every possible situation.  Choosing the right policy without having a background in auto insurance can be a daunting process.  The professional auto insurance agents at Connect Insurance are here to help!  Connect Insurance promises to help you find a policy that will cover you for what you need without requiring you to pay for unnecessary coverages with unnecessary fees.  We work with the best companies to find the best rates and coverages for clients in Texas, Florida, Oregon, Washington, California, Oklahoma, North Carolina, New York and Kansas.   Contact Connect Insurance for a fast insurance quote or to schedule a consultation about your insurance policy today!

Get Started Today: Evaluating Your Auto Insurance Needs

Our Insurance Agents ask very specific questions during our consultations to find out which auto insurance coverages makes the most sense for your budget and needs.  Connect Insurance will look at the type of vehicle you own, whether its a car, truck, RV, or motorcycle.  If you or your family owns more than one vehicle, we can also do multi auto plans that will save you money.  Our agents are certified and will also look at your driving history.  If you have a less than perfect record, Connect Insurance can compare pricing and still potentially find you a competitive rate with great coverages.  We also provide insurance for high risk drivers and help them get back on the road.  Once we have a better understanding of our clients driving history we can proceed to choose a customized policy that works for you!  The 2 main coverages for auto insurance are full coverage and minimum liability.

Liability Only Insurance

Liability only auto insurance protects you financially if you cause an accident or harm to a person or their property.  In all 50 states you are required to carry liability auto insurance.  Liability insurance pays repairs to property damage up to your policy limits in an accident for which you are at fault.  Liability insurance also covers medical expenses, personal injury and other financial responsibilities.  Finally it covers any legal fees if you are sued as a result of an accident.  Our licensed agents here at Connect Insurance can help you choose a policy that will give you the piece of mind and protect you when you need it!

Full Coverage Ins

Did you know that full coverage is always required for leased vehicles.  This coverage pays for damage to another person’s property, or to your own.  In addition, it also protects you from another driver who may flee the scene, does not have insurance, or is under-insured and does not have enough insurance to pay for the entire amount of damage.  This insurance can protect you from total loss.  At Connect Insurance, our agents expertise is finding coverage that can protect you and your vehicle with many well known and established companies.

Get on the road today!

Contact Connect Insurance agent today to start a quote for your auto insurance needs.  Our agents are here for you when you get a quote and for the life of the policy.  Finally, if you live in: Texas, Florida, Oregon, Washington, California, Oklahoma, North Carolina, New York and Kansas – we can help you!  You do not have to wait until your renewal.  So contact us about your current auto policy and see if we can help you today!


Auto Insurance