An Independent Insurance Agent is a People Person

Any consumer could shop through a big insurance company to obtain a policy, but that often entails waiting for a long time to receive subpar customer service or paying much higher rates than could be found elsewhere. The reason people enjoy shopping through independent agents over these big companies is for the ease and the personal touch.

People today are over-scheduled, juggling long work hours and family obligations. The last thing they need is to wait on hold while trying to file a claim or update a policy. As an independent agent, this is the perfect chance for you offer invaluable customer service. By promptly answering the phone and cordially greeting customers, you’re already doing better than the voice-activated messaging systems of large insurers.

Shopping for quotes on behalf of customers goes a long way toward saving their time and efforts, which is often more valuable than money these days. In a world where people pay for pricey prepared meals to save the hassle of cooking, it’s clear that anything you can do to save even a little bit of their time will prove to be a valuable service.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that people still rely on word-of-mouth. An agency that offers good service with a winning smile will likely gather referrals, which can lead to a substantial increase in business.

The key to pleasing customers is to think like them. They want good, fast service from a reliable, friendly agent. For this reason, an agent who makes it a goal to be a better people person is more likely to maintain a steady customer base.