Plan to Succeed; Holiday Marketing Plan

Highly successful agents create great plans and work with them diligently. The beginning a new year without a well thought out plan can lead to continuous wheel spinning. Every ship must have a rudder to keep the vessel on course, and your agency is no different.

Those agents who create the time to set a defined course, and then periodically check their bearings, perform much better than agencies who fly by the seat of their pants. If you haven’t set your course for 2019, there is still time to make plans for getting underway.

Freshen Up First

If you were fortunate to have had a successful year by planning your work and working your plan, then, by all means, continue with it. However, every plan needs to be freshened up because goals change. By now any bonus plans and trip awards should have been announced by your respective carriers, so your current plan needs to be tweaked to accommodate any changes that were announced. If 2018’s plan was not successful, it’s certainly time to get back to the basics and start anew.


What does your holiday marketing plan entail? Although marketing efforts generally lead to sales, your holiday marketing plan should be about communication with prospects and customers. Your marketing efforts should include each type of communication method you can realistically afford.

  • Email CampaignsSuccessful agencies are great at creating email campaigns that target prospects and current clients. For current clients, your campaign should be about cross-selling, product introductions, and informative pieces that keep the recipient engaged. Your email efforts must always be analyzed using the tools your email vendor supplies.

    It’s important to know the results of your efforts with every mailout. Learning what doesn’t work is just as important as learning what does. Take some time and develop
    an editorial calendar so that your marketing campaigns will line up with marketing campaigns from your carriers and always, without fail, determine your results.

  • Drip CampaignsDrip campaigns are best used for following up with leads. Through your agency system, there should be a method for you to pre-conceive follow up messages to each prospect that has been quoted but not converted. The drip campaign will be your soft and professional nudge to get a prospect in your sales funnel to a conversion.

    Although the drip campaign that follows your quote is an efficient way to move prospects through your sales funnel, it is more successful after you have made telephone contact with the prospects.

  • Website Lead CampaignsLetting your web presence get stale is a cardinal sin and waste of money. The content on your site should not be considered “evergreen” where you set it, and forget it. Your site must be continually updated with content such as articles, news, and blogs, with every new piece containing a call to action. Websites take time to rank and be noticed, but that’s no reason to publish and wait months to see what happens.
  • Direct Mail CampaignsDirect mail campaigns can be expensive and less responsive than electronic campaigns, but if a carrier is willing to help pay for it, take advantage of using their money. Even a return of only 1% will generate 100 responses. If you can convert 30% of the respondents, you’ll have earned 30 new pieces of business. This may sound like a little for a lot, but you must also take into consideration your cross-sell opportunities and referrals that come from these 30 new clients.

Set Realistic Goals

Lastly, we should discuss setting realistic goals for you and your team. Remember, goals without checkpoints are rarely made. Hold your team and yourself accountable for failures but always reward them for their successes. Most agents and team members have an idea of how much they wish (or need) to earn each year, so break that amount down to policy count and set the goals accordingly.

Your holiday marketing plan is important to your success. Do it now before time runs out!