What Cowboys and Giants Can Teach Agency Owners

Sunday’s Game: Cowboys and Giants

Watching the Cowboys play the Giants this past Sunday reminded me a lot of when I played in high school. See, I played two years of football in high school. The first year, we were quite possibly the worst team that has ever stepped foot on a field. Not only did we lose every single game that year; there was actually a point where one team had scored so many points on us that , looking at the board, you would have thought that we were winning. Yes, the score had rolled over; I honestly don’t know of any other team that’s ever been, “lapped” in football.

However, the following year we did great. It was an absolute turn-around and playing within the same division, we won almost every game we played. Granted, the school had specifically brought in a coach who had built a reputation on turning teams around. What is interesting, however, is how he managed to turn around our performance on the field. It wasn’t a top secret playbook or crazy trick plays; he had two tenets: He focused on fundamentals and the fourth quarter. We played against teams whose individual skill level was well passed our own. We played against schools with rosters four times as large as ours and more. Every game that season though, when it came down to the fourth quarter, we dominated.

We were far from the first or and we wouldn’t be the last team to focus on the fourth quarter. From high schools to colleges to the pro teams, fans will often through their hands up with four fingers to support teams that have dedicated their training to performance in that last quarter. This past game on Sunday, where Romo lead his team back from a 10 point deficit to winning the game by a single point, exemplified the importance of that final quarter. More and more, we hear fans and commentators talk about, “clutch quarterbacks.” These are quarterbacks that shine when the going gets tough, the ones that come through when the game is close or time is short. Whatever you think of the Cowboys and Romo (to be honest, we’re a little partial here in Dallas), he performed as a clutch quarterback in the last parts of Sunday night’s game.

What exactly can you learn from the cowboys and giants?

You can learn to be a, “clutch” Agency Owner. As the clock starts running down, your performance gets better and better. We’re half a month away from 2015’s 4th quarter. As Agency Owners, you should be ready to, “leave it all on the field,” so to speak. Many successful businesses (just as many favored football teams), get complacent in the 4th quarter. They assume that they have it, ‘in the bag,” so to speak. This is exactly when another team will come up and surprise them. Many of the other teams that haven’t been doing so well will just give up. Don’t get complacent and don’t give up. This 4th quarter is the time to pull ahead of your competitors. Whether you have been falling behind all year or you already have a healthy lead, this last quarter is a great opportunity to close or increase that gap. So, what will you do differently this quarter to ensure that your agency gets the most out of that opportunity?