Company Appointments: 5 Steps to Knowing Which to Target

Both new and established agencies have numerous insurance carriers to choose from. Some are better than others in terms of pricing, agency service, communications, and claims handling. Even in a hard market when carriers typically pull back on appointing new agents, the new or established agency can easily access a wholesaler that will have many […]

Welcome Erica Zurawski- New Corporate Staff!

Welcome Erica!

Erica has over 20 years of experience working in an office environment. Her experience includes, data processing and management, accounting, and administration. She is a new member of the Connect family, but already a tremendous resource. She aids in maintaining current Errors and Omissions policies, obtaining carrier appoints, and facilitating mergers and acquisitions. She does […]

US Solar Eclipse at Connect Insurance!

August 21, 2017 Dallas Fort Worth Just because you cannot see the eclipse here, does not mean that there are not things happening as a result. The temperature dropped a few degrees, and it was not a bright as usual around 1:00 in the afternoon! Historic Day!

Newest Connect Insurance Staff Member

The Connect Insurance Corporate office in Mansfield Texas would like to announce the newest member of our team. Chelsie Russell! Chelsie will be supporting our Connect Insurance Mansfield operations. Chelsie is learning our system, the licensing procedures, and helping our existing team members. If you would like to learn more about Chelsie, please see her […]

Airbnb Insurance: What an Agent Needs to Know

Airbnb Insurance: What an Agent Needs to Know Similar to the Uber ride-sharing concept, Airbnb was founded in 2008 to be an online marketplace where people can list, discover, and book unusual accommodations around the world by using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. While this accommodation platform is still growing, Airbnb reports serving over 60 […]

Is Terrorism Covered? Maybe, Maybe Not – A Look at Terrorism Insurance

Is Terrorism Covered? Maybe, Maybe Not – A Look at Terrorism Insurance We’ve all witnessed it lately. Either in person or from news reports, we’ve seen the damages to residential and business property that has resulted from terrorism or civil unrest. Just recently, many businesses were damaged in Charlotte, North Carolina as crowds of protesters […]

Earthquakes – Not Always a Natural Disaster

Earthquakes – Not Always a Natural Disaster Recent news of the September 3rd earthquake triggered a wake-up call for many geological agencies across the nation. The good news is that since the 5.6 magnitude earthquake occurred about 15 kilometers from Pawnee, a lower population area, no deaths or serious injuries were reported. There is, however, […]

Presidents, Politics and our Professional Concerns

In the wake of Fox’s Republican Debate last week, it seems like you can’t go anywhere without hearing about one or a few of the candidates and their position on any number of issues. Social Media is abuzz with video clips, sound bites and reaction blog posts. Even with the 2016 Presidential Election being more […]