Hurricane Safety What your Insureds Need to Know

Hurricane Safety What your Insureds Need to Know Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti, killing over 100 people and doing thousands of dollars in damage to property. The Category 4 hurricane is now headed for Florida and is expected to do significant damage there, as well as in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Hurricane safety tips […]

Weather Considerations for Commercial Insurance

Is mitigation for weather perils just for the agriculture industry? Traditionally, when we think of weather significantly affecting businesses we think of the agriculture and energy industries. However, according to a report by the CME Group, economists estimate that as much of a third of the U.S. economy is financially sensitive to weather. That’s a […]

Climate Change and your Insureds

Climate change has been a prominent feature in the news recently as we’ve seen an increase in both frequency and intensity of harsh weather. Whether you agree or disagree about the causes of this, the fact is that recent years have seen a surge in extreme rainfall events, heat waves and wind storms. Every subsequent […]

Tornado Safety and Claims Advice

Difference Between a Watch and a Warning: Tornado Watch Tornado Warning Weather conditions could form a Tornado, but a Tornado hasn’t yet been spotted in your area. Take precautions to ensure your safety. A tornado has been spotted in your area. Immiediate action should be taken to ensure your safety.   DO NOT Do NOT […]