Adjust Your Marketing – Time is Running Out

Historically, for most insurance professionals, the holiday period is considered to be a very slow time of the year for new business. Consumers are typically so caught up in the holiday rush, they spend less time and effort doing anything, that is in their mind, not absolutely necessary. For agents who are running short on […]

Niche Markets For Insurance Agents

Niche Markets For Insurance Agents Many of today’s insurance agents have found that when it comes to marketing and selling products they believe in, it’s better to use a laser than a shotgun. Being an expert in the niche markets you are targeting enables you to separate yourself from other agents who use the shotgun […]

Marketing to Millennials: Key Strategies for Insurance Agents

Marketing to Millennials For insurance agents looking to target consumers for various insurance products, how you target each market segment can define whether your campaign succeeds or fails. Consumers can be divided into many different categories based on their needs, age, and income status. Who your consumer is dictates the product they will purchase and […]

Digital Tools: Your Key to Client Retention

As an insurance agent, or even as an agency owner, one of your most consuming thoughts is how you can retain your clients. With the ever-increasing trend toward the digitalization of our lives, and with the first generation of people with virtually unlimited Internet access now becoming adults, it’s important that you and your agency […]