Company Appointments: 5 Steps to Knowing Which to Target

Both new and established agencies have numerous insurance carriers to choose from. Some are better than others in terms of pricing, agency service, communications, and claims handling. Even in a hard market when carriers typically pull back on appointing new agents, the new or established agency can easily access a wholesaler that will have many […]

Market Segmentation For Insurance Agencies

Market Segmentation for Insurance Agencies Every segment of your market wants to feel like their needs are special and therefore are highly likely to respond to marketing communications directed at the segment they represent. Sending out a shotgun blast of marketing messages is likely to offend as many people as it motivates. This can happen […]

Is the Brick and Mortar Insurance Agency Model Dead?

If you believe the headlines and the hype, you may think that the brick and mortar insurance agency model is dead or quickly dying. As we’ve explored in recent posts, however, the data doesn’t back up those over exaggerated claims. In fact, Marck McElroy, Executive VP of the Insurance Business Unit for TransUnion points out […]

Understanding On-line Consumer Behavior

Consumers are Habitual No one understands the habitual nature of online consumers better than Facebook. For years Facebook has tried to enter the world of e-commerce. In 2007, they tried to launch Facebook Marketplace. That endeavor failed. Recently, Facebook has been trying to get their, ‘For Sale Groups’ to gain traction to no avail. Google […]

Google vs GEICO, Esurance and Progressive

A lot of the conversation about the recently launched Google Compare involves the perceived growing dominance of direct response writers over traditional agency models. If you believe the technology hype and rhetoric used, direct writers are poised to topple the likes of Allstate and State Farm. However, reality is far from these misconceptions. As recently […]

WalMart and Retailer Insurance Comparison Tools

In recent industry news, Google isn’t the only one that has garnered some attention for offering an insurance comparison product. Wal-Mart, who has been offering a bevy of low cost financial services to shoppers, is now looking to offer insurance options as well. They tested a variety of options including selling insurance in stores and […]

Google’s Family of Comparison Tools

Earlier this month we discussed Google’s loyalty to its Ad Products and what that could mean for the recently launched Google Compare. You don’t have to look further than Google Advisor to find an example. In 2011, Google launched a suite of comparison tools that compared credit card companies, banks and mortgage lenders. This suite […]

Google Culture puts Insurance Plans in Perspective

Recap When Google Compare officially launched at the beginning of this month we saw news outlets and industry experts focusing on what Google Compare would mean for consumers and how Google could be a threat to Brick and Mortar Insurance Agents across the nation. We pointed out that Google’s own language as they announced the […]

Technology News Truth vs Hype

Who hasn’t experienced the cycle of giving in to the exaggerated hype about a technology solution; being disappointed by the results and then, hopefully, slowly figuring out how to actually make it useful