Market Segmentation For Insurance Agencies

Market Segmentation for Insurance Agencies Every segment of your market wants to feel like their needs are special and therefore are highly likely to respond to marketing communications directed at the segment they represent. Sending out a shotgun blast of marketing messages is likely to offend as many people as it motivates. This can happen […]

Niche Markets For Insurance Agents

Niche Markets For Insurance Agents Many of today’s insurance agents have found that when it comes to marketing and selling products they believe in, it’s better to use a laser than a shotgun. Being an expert in the niche markets you are targeting enables you to separate yourself from other agents who use the shotgun […]

Marketing to Millennials: Key Strategies for Insurance Agents

Marketing to Millennials For insurance agents looking to target consumers for various insurance products, how you target each market segment can define whether your campaign succeeds or fails. Consumers can be divided into many different categories based on their needs, age, and income status. Who your consumer is dictates the product they will purchase and […]

5 Ways to Gain a Customer’s Trust

We’re living in the information age where an overly saturated market is at the fingertips of the public anywhere they have access to the internet. So why should they choose your agency over another? Trust. A customer will not do business with you if you don’t present your agency as a trustworthy and professional resource. […]