Company Appointments: 5 Steps to Knowing Which to Target

Both new and established agencies have numerous insurance carriers to choose from. Some are better than others in terms of pricing, agency service, communications, and claims handling. Even in a hard market when carriers typically pull back on appointing new agents, the new or established agency can easily access a wholesaler that will have many […]

Adjust Your Marketing – Time is Running Out

Historically, for most insurance professionals, the holiday period is considered to be a very slow time of the year for new business. Consumers are typically so caught up in the holiday rush, they spend less time and effort doing anything, that is in their mind, not absolutely necessary. For agents who are running short on […]

An Independent Insurance Agent is a People Person

Any consumer could shop through a big insurance company to obtain a policy, but that often entails waiting for a long time to receive subpar customer service or paying much higher rates than could be found elsewhere. The reason people enjoy shopping through independent agents over these big companies is for the ease and the […]

Becoming an Independent Insurance Agent: What You Need to Know

In today‚Äôs insurance industry, an increasing number of insurance companies are relying upon independent agents to reach potential policyholders. Because of this, more and more insurance professionals are discovering the benefits of setting themselves up as independent agents. By acting as independent insurance agents, they have the opportunity to work with a large number of […]

A Day in the Life of an Independent Insurance Agent

Being an independent insurance agent has some great advantages, but it also takes a thick skin and the ability to face rejection from client leads. Essentially, all agents are salesmen who must build contact lists as well as maintain a loyal clientele. But what is it really like on the inside? Qualifications and Compensation While […]