Adjust Your Marketing – Time is Running Out

Historically, for most insurance professionals, the holiday period is considered to be a very slow time of the year for new business. Consumers are typically so caught up in the holiday rush, they spend less time and effort doing anything, that is in their mind, not absolutely necessary. For agents who are running short on […]

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

What is the Entrepreneurial Mindset? As with many things in life, business is full of the unpredictable. You can train, practice and educate yourself on all the intricate details and best practices. Those are all great ways to prepare but if you don’t have the right mindset, it could all be for naught. An Entrepreneurial […]

The Perks of Starting Your Own Business

Pride of Ownership Why do owners tend to treat their homes better than renters? There’s just something about ownership that motivates individuals to take good care of things and work hard to improve them. Namely, it’s how the little things add up. When you own something, any effort you put into improving it has a […]

7 Reasons to Start a Business in 2015

Few Barriers to Entry Now, more than ever before, starting a business is within your reach. The resounding song of 2015 is access. Whether its access to capital, information, technology, or people, today’s world affords small business owners an unprecedented level of readily available resources. Additionally, small businesses -who account for more than 90% of […]