Adjust Your Marketing – Time is Running Out

Historically, for most insurance professionals, the holiday period is considered to be a very slow time of the year for new business. Consumers are typically so caught up in the holiday rush, they spend less time and effort doing anything, that is in their mind, not absolutely necessary. For agents who are running short on […]

The Value of Customer Retention

Do you spend as much time as you should thinking about customer retention? Customer retention is extremely important in every industry, but its valuable is almost unmeasurable for an insurance agent or an insurance agency owner. Customer Retention V. Customer Acquisition Who doesn’t want more customers? In sales based fields, particularly insurance, more paying customers […]

How to Boost Customer Loyalty Through Personalization

As any business owner knows, customer loyalty is the cornerstone that drives the success of any company. The insurance industry is an extremely competitive field. Customers have so many options when it comes to pricing, so they can easily switch among providers, making it harder than ever to retain them. So how do make sure […]

Your Customer Retention Strategy for 2016

It’s a new year, and many of us are setting goals and creating resolutions in hopes of sticking to them and achieving great things. As Agency Owners, one goal repeatedly shows up on our lists year after year: “Increase Sales.” The obvious answer to increasing sales would be to increase the number of customers you […]