Marketing to Millennials: Key Strategies for Insurance Agents

Marketing to Millennials For insurance agents looking to target consumers for various insurance products, how you target each market segment can define whether your campaign succeeds or fails. Consumers can be divided into many different categories based on their needs, age, and income status. Who your consumer is dictates the product they will purchase and […]

Airbnb Insurance: What an Agent Needs to Know

Airbnb Insurance: What an Agent Needs to Know Similar to the Uber ride-sharing concept, Airbnb was founded in 2008 to be an online marketplace where people can list, discover, and book unusual accommodations around the world by using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. While this accommodation platform is still growing, Airbnb reports serving over 60 […]

Is Terrorism Covered? Maybe, Maybe Not – A Look at Terrorism Insurance

Is Terrorism Covered? Maybe, Maybe Not – A Look at Terrorism Insurance We’ve all witnessed it lately. Either in person or from news reports, we’ve seen the damages to residential and business property that has resulted from terrorism or civil unrest. Just recently, many businesses were damaged in Charlotte, North Carolina as crowds of protesters […]

Tesla Model S – An Insurer’s Nightmare?

Tesla Model S – An Insurer’s Nightmare? We’ve all heard the buzz and witnessed the excitement over Tesla’s Model S, considered a technological marvel that has an “autopilot” type feature and has many confused about what it will and won’t do for the driver. The term “autopilot” does not appropriately apply since this function in […]

Earthquakes – Not Always a Natural Disaster

Earthquakes – Not Always a Natural Disaster Recent news of the September 3rd earthquake triggered a wake-up call for many geological agencies across the nation. The good news is that since the 5.6 magnitude earthquake occurred about 15 kilometers from Pawnee, a lower population area, no deaths or serious injuries were reported. There is, however, […]

Political Avengers: Civil War (Lessons Learned)

Our Featured Image I’m very proud of our featured image this week. It’s been a while since I’ve made any Photoshop Caricatures so please feel free to share it. You can also tweet your favorite caricature below (it doesn’t have to be your favorite candidate ;D): [tweet_box]@BernieSanders is running on the Happy Vision Platform #PoliticalAvengers[/tweet_box] […]

Fear the Swimming Dead Guide to Boat Safety

Click Here to Jump to the Infographic Boating safety is immensely important. In 2014, there were more than 4,000 boating accidents. More than 10% of those accidents resulted in death. Property damaged and injuries because of boating accidents totaled $39 million. Sadly, these numbers continue to rise each year. Fear these statistics…don’t become one of […]

Captive vs Independent Agent: The Superhero Showdown

  Batman and Superman have one commonality. Regardless of who you prefer, they both work to protect the public. Much like there are different strengths and weaknesses found in superheroes, there are strengths and weaknesses found in the two types of insurance agents: the independent agent and the captive agent. Often, they seem like opposing […]