Adjust Your Marketing – Time is Running Out

Historically, for most insurance professionals, the holiday period is considered to be a very slow time of the year for new business. Consumers are typically so caught up in the holiday rush, they spend less time and effort doing anything, that is in their mind, not absolutely necessary.

For agents who are running short on new business to make bonus, there is still time to get some new business in before your year runs out. Knowing the mood consumers may be in during the hectic holidays, you can adjust your marketing strategy by trying to change your approach from “asking” to “thanking”.

Using “Holiday Greetings” for Rounding Out Your Accounts

Certainly, most agents will utilize their system to generate the standard Merry Christmas and Happy New Year email as a method to touch their clients during the holidays. Some agents may even go so far as to offer small gift baskets to their “top shelf” clients. Unfortunately, your message will be received along with many others and probably get deleted once the client reads “Happy Holidays” in the subject line.

You can simply make an effort to adjust your marketing strategy. Instead of automatically sending the generic holiday email, why not take a cross-sell report and use while you and your team call every client in your book? Yes, this will be much more time consuming, but it’s doubtful you are doing much of anything else this time of the year.

You can divide your list among your team members and then direct them to make the “thank you” calls in the following fashion:

Hi, Mrs. Jones, this is Jeff at ABC Insurance. Mrs. Jones. I just wanted to call and wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (or whatever holiday message you prefer) and to thank you so very much for your business. Oh, and by the way Mrs. Jones, I noticed that we have your car insurance, but you don’t have an auto club. If you’re interested in getting that coverage, we have a holiday special running. Why don’t we add that on and we’ll just debit the card we have on file?

During your “oh, and by the way” segue, simply ask about a coverage or policy they are not currently buying from your agency.

Is it Worth The Time?

If you’re wondering if the call is a waste of time, stop wondering and just do it. You will accomplish two important things when you make contact with your current clients.

  1. You are taking the time to call and wish them Happy Holidays while everyone else is sending emails. The call indicates you care about the client and their business.
  2. You are making a legitimate attempt to round-out each client and help them manage their everyday risks.

It’s understandable that many agents are reluctant to take the time to make outbound calls because the contact rate is questionable, but studies have shown that people are more likely to accept a phone call during the holidays when their telephone is typically busier than the rest of the year. Most agents prefer to coast through the holiday season, and if you’ve already made bonus, that is probably entirely appropriate. But, if you are close and not sure your goals will be met, then you should adjust your marketing strategy, get on the phone before time runs out.